About Us

The Florian’s Knights were originally formed in 2017 by a group of individuals consisting of professional firefighters from the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada as a riding club. The goal was to build on the brotherhood bond of the fire service, refine and strengthen it even further, with other like minded firefighters who ride motorcycles to build a club. The mission statement of the Florian’s Knights is to raise awareness for, and help, fellow firefighters cope with operational stress, also known as, post traumatic stress disorder.

In January of 2018, five firefighters from the New York City Fire Department were setting out to start their own motorcycle club. With bylaws written and researching potential names, they found the Florian’s Knights. After months of communication the groups found they had identical values and visions. A partnership was formed creating the second charter of the Florian’s Knights, officially making the organization an international club.

Through diligent work and dedication from its members, the Florian’s Knights officially became a Motorcycle Club.

The Florian’s Knights Motorcycle Club is committed to representing our respective departments in the motorcycle community, while also continuing to serve the communities we live in when off duty. Every charter of this club has committed to holding a minimum of one annual fundraiser per year for charities of their choosing.

In the United States the Florian’s Knights Motorcycle Club is a federally registered 501c3 not for profit charitable organization.