About Us


Who We Are and Our Colors

We are a private club made up of professional firefighters who combine our passion for our careers with our passion for riding motorcycles. Our club was founded to promote the mental health and well being of First Responders and our Military Veterans. We also use our love for riding to give back to our communities by hosting fundraisers for the Ronald Mcdonald House of the Hudson Valley NY and many other charities close to our hearts.
We are a law abiding club that adhere to the codes of conduct of our respective departments. We respect ALL other clubs and expect the same respect in return.
Our name and patch; As Firefighters, from the time we start our career, we are taught and entrusted with preserving history and traditions of those that came before us. We carry this same mentality to our club to preserve the oldest tradition of American Motorcycle Clubs, this is why we wear a 3 piece patch. Our name and top rocker come from Saint Florian, the patron saint of firefighters. Our bottom rockers state our respective departments and communities that we serve, not territories. The center patch; the skull shows that we are all ultimately the same under our skin, the axes and helmet are the oldest tools and symbols of firefighters, the wings are symbolic of the freedom one has from riding a motorcycle. The color scheme we use is the universal colors used by the Fire Service throughout the world.
If you wish to find out more about joining our club or starting a chapter, send us an email. If you have an event you need to get the word out about please send it to us and we will repost it here!